Dano's Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design


I am using this page to say hi, hope you enjoy reading these designs and hope it helps you think about designing projects yourself. Some more bits of my journey are on  http://permacultureclub.blogspot.co.uk/ .
I am also assuming you know what Permaculture is, if not sure then look at www.permacultureprinciples.com

I explain a bit about myself here as an overview to my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. 

I have been to permaculture convergences since the age of 21. After a few years I thought it was about time to do the design course. I was 26 when I did my permaculture design course at IPEC in Brazil. It combined really well with an adventure in 2003 which was a really cool experience. I took the decision to start my diploma in January 2010 with two friends when I was 32. The writing up of the designs has been a stumbling point for me and just after my 34th birthday I have managed to sort this website out. For this diploma 10 permaculture designs are expected with base maps and some commentary on various aspects of the design. Enjoy my offerings but please bear in mind that I am using this website as my note book. This is not a finished diploma portfolio yet.

Please Read my diploma pathway blog on http://permacultureclub.blogspot.com. I am happy to be contacted, please find contact details on my other websites. I am a Medical herbalist and blend permaculture with herb growing and usage. I call herbal medicine and permaculture HERBACULTURE  http://www.herbaculture.co.uk  consultations about your health

This webpage is about my journey with the diploma's guidance. I may drop some designs but my aim is to develop a process of dealing with the many ideas I have. I am using this website to help me develop a process. Once nearing completion of the diploma I will label the 10 designs for clarity, the rest being footnotes for my benefit. I will probably use the later designs as they were intentionally designed from the outset (a skill I am learning) rather than muddled through with permaculture in mind. I am very happy that the diploma process allows me to sort out my methodology as vital for clients, and creates a ethical practice. 

July 2012 update: I have moved house, changed some of my income streams and after a few months of flux find myself able to continue with my diploma. It seems that getting the hang of what a permaculture design is is very useful for designing for changes in one's life - if I could document the flux I would of had a clearer decision making process and half my diploma done. Nigel answered the question of 'what a permaculture design is by saying - "anything that takes the permaculture ethics and principes into account when designing". Thanks also for seeing your designs Nigel, really helps to get me started. I still haven't written up any designs and my aim for accreditation by September's convergence has flown by. 

December 2012 update: Now approaching 3 years, I really want to use this lull time in the last week of the year to get as much written up sa possible. The aim now seems to get the hang of using design skills for everything I do. I feel that this is the whole point of the diploma. With an Permaculture Eastern Gathering approaching  in July 2013 there is a great opportunity to be finished by then.