I have tried to include these extra criteria within each design. I feel it is importnant for readers of this site to understand what is inovolved in this process, go forth and start your own diploma people.

I refer you to the Permaculture Association's DIploma guidance for more details on these extra criteria

DESIGN SKILLS - see previous page

Walking the talk, using the diploma pathway to redesign or observe one's life. This has been a fantastic process for me and I am pleased there is a focus on putting the theory into action. Permaculture has been this thing that I have always given respect to, enthused others about but was never sure exactly how to use it to frame my life. The designs have allowed me to look at the various aspects of my life and tweak where necessary.

EVALUATION & COSTING                                                                                                                                                                   The whole point of a design is to create a possiblilty. In order to make a reality from a possibility we need to be clear about costs and therefore to evaluate after the design if the process should continue. It gives a professionalism to permaculture designs. I have sought to include the evaluation into the various parts of my life and decide if my time is well spent. Do I keep my allotment? Thinking about it I could only give up such an important part of my life without a structured evaluation process. I am coming into contact with costing and funding issues in several parts of my life now and what previously put me off now is just another deisgn condsideration.

COMMUNITY BUILDING                                                                                                                                                                           I am very lucky to live where I grew up, I see people all around that I recognise and various jobs have brought me into people's lives. I live with a group of people once famed for our parties and now (a little older) still a collective inspiration. I currently am working with 15 communities, actively take part in a food coop and other community groups like Transition Ipswich. I see the importance of the permaculture culture community which is why guilds seem invaluable. July 2012 I have just walked for a week with an intentional community with sharing circles and what better ways to create bonds. I am also exploring a new area as part of a new job so am feeling like a connector between groups able to link them up with each other.           

                                                                                                                                                                                                DISSEMINATION                                                                                                                                                                         Spreading the word. Permaculture still has a twang of initiation about it and people often have stories about their first encountering of it. It is amazing to see the permaculture festival zones with the influence they have. I have evangelicised where I have trod and tried to encourage introduction courses and workshops. The biggest honour was hearing that a friend had gone on to become a teacher after a few years without contact with her. I am a networker and as well as the occasional article I hope that the hours fiddling with websites will help inspire other to start the diploma pathway and also to encourage herbal medicine's integration with permaculture.

SYMMETRY                                                                                                                                                                                           How much you receive v how much you give.
I feel that I have tried to be supportive of the Permaculture Association in the past. I have helped out crewing in past convergences and am helping to disseminate permaculture ideas in East Anglia. It is interested to see that over 10 years I have developed as a person and the intensive permaculture thinking associated with finally writing up these deisgns makes me feel more able to give back. I would see my role as doing all I can as aherbaculturalist and I really like the idea of collecting material for a book. First off I want to respect my parents who started many balls rolling.  Lucy and People and Planet. A big thanks to Will who took me to my first convergence and those I met there including Bryn, Ben, Chris, Andy etc. Mark and Marina took a naive boy and exposed him to a global view and initiated him to a world of anti-muggledom. The 14a crew and later the spinney for their family and variety of community experiences. East Suffolk Permaculture. Various partners, couldn't have got here without you. The funky brasilians at IPEC for my design course. The inspired staff and students at Napier on the herbal medicine course and the vibe of Edinburgh which is encapsulated by Orchestra Del Sol. John, Constantina and Daisy, Alex, Tom, blood relatives and amongst others for their love.  Back in Ipswich the Randon Camels, the transitioners and cosmopolitans that make it possible to remain here. To those in fields that create peak (non transition sense of the word) experiences with herbal first aid Hera, Livi, Kit, Dedj, Robin, Lulu, Alison- I love you. To the permaculturalists in fields and in classrooms like Hanna, Doug, Tom, PAB, Nadia & Nigel  who offer inspirational examples and friendships. I shed tears of gratitude for you all and those I have missed out, you are in my heart as well.

My love to all that have touched me. My I have touched you too.

These are the books, courses, learnings, experiences and that we find ourselves seeking out.

July 2012: I am looking into sports massage, a PETLS teaching qualification, more knowledge about designing and those skills with an aim to provide landscape design drawings. I now have a job with a local food theme so all food techiniques. I wish to take videos and edit them and need some help with this, inspired by wild cutlure.