Design in Progress

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In Permaculture there are zones. The closer to the middle the closer to home, the lower the number. So to my initial thoughts Zone 0, Zone 00 & Zone 000 are all saying "the home itself, the individual in the home and the mind within the person". Normally permaculture seems to deal with the land about a home, but the 'people care' ethic of permaculture is attracting lots of interest. This design is partly my attempt to look after myself.

So my first design starts with myself. I do not want to be an armchair permaculturist just reading the magasine and thinking how quaint it all is. Life is busy and I often feel stretched but I don't even have kids, I wanted to review what I do, my thoughts, feelings, actions, lifestyles, choices, habbits, patterns and emotions.

Does my permacultural life include these?
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Client (Self) Questionnaire?

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