Designs in Progress: 

I am learning that the Permaculture Designs need to be a proces that allows everyone involved the chance to comment, that ethics of earthcare, peoplecare and fairshare are vital. Using methodologies to ensure that the design fits with the permaculture principles and can be evaluated is vital to creating long term solutions. I have never had a practice of careful planning my projects that I get involved with, I rather got stuck in and learnt along the way. This diploma pathway is teaching me ways to evaluate, design, share with clients, assess my motivations and vision for the future. 

Our learning journey continues: 

So on the left are the permaculture designs that I have started. There are many that were inspired by the permaculture diploma but lack methodological awareness. I have also struggled with how these designs could be written up usefully. 

Designs will move from here to the DESIGNS WRITTEN UP tab once completed. 

This area will then hold other projects that are on going. There may be a requirement to repeat your diploma every 5-10 years in the future. This knowledge may help me write up as I design and keep this website filled with new content.