JULY 2012

I am being asked to help plant herb tea gardens and have decided that my involvement with these projects can lead to a design that could be used by others whatever the size of the project. 

GOAL: To create an informative guide to planting a herb tea garden. Listing favourite teas for drinking. Producing printable sheets which could laminated as act as guides to accompany the plants for public tea pickers. 


Collect information for this Goal. There are resources already produced. Info on growing, harvesting. Info on how to prepare for medicinal or just pleasure drinking. 

Evaluate if realistic to do, or if just design and await funding to complete. 


Apply any Design to real gardens of different sizes and tweak design from lessons learnt. Use finished design to tweek exisiting gardens. Step Guide to making your garden fit to drink.

Collect case studies of any implemented herb tea gardens. 

Use design as a chapter in the Herba Book.