Design in Progress 


We recently had a wine and cheese excuse to gather on my allotment field and it felt revolutionary to get people together socially. I also felt like an old boy, as I have have my allotment since I was 21 (12 years at time of writing). I started out keen naive and ever since there has been a mixture of feelings from freedom, guilt, despair, a place to relax, space to deisgn and create (an outlet for my gardening fantasies) and my permaculture chagra (see herba book for explanation of a chagra).  Since then Ipswich has enjoyed a renaissence in allotmenting and there is a demand for plots again. I don't really do a lot on my plot and I want to explore that nagging thought that I should give it up. 

I will do a permaculture design and evaluate whether or not to keep it. 

  • Insert Plus, Minus and Interesting (PMI) base map
  • Insert Spring Road base map
  • Insert Transition Ipswich Allotment base map

Include update about the Lowestoft Community Allotment in Normanston Park.