Design in Progress 


I merged my interest in permaculture with the degree course in herbal medicine that I was studying. I called it herbaculture, it was a visionary moment when I knew that I had a word that could explain the rest of my life. Since 2006 when a Scottish business grant for under 30's inspired me to become self employed, I have used the word "herbaculture" as a trading name to merge all my land, plant & people interestes. The design process has been a slow, steady and has taken me to the current form that herbaculture now takes, My chance here to evaluate and re-design what I want herbaculture to be: to go forth with focus perhaps or to revel in the possibilities.

As my diploma designs relate to me and my thing is herbal medicine, there will be plenty of herb related designs, I therefore aim for the "herbaculture" design to be an overview, grand design, future map or visioning.

Insert base map of herbaculture 2006-2012

Future base map for 2013 onwards. Design methodology to be finalised.

Outcome: business plan