Design in Progress


This is the name for a Transition Ipswich theme. Often we found ourselves interested in transition ideas  (look it up) but at the same time working for some corporate entity. Each to their own but we set up a theme (group) to look at how to help people feel positive about the money earning work bit of their lives. I want to design a path for this theme in Transition Ipswich. There will also be some designs for the ideas we have had about the question we always raise.

A VENUE. What would we use a venue for?  Employment? Governance? Finances? Affect on the Town? Who is willing to stick to it in the longer term? 

  • Insert base map for the transition theme
  • insert a base map for a potential base map

Rob Hopkins' thoughts on business and the 12 permaculture principles

This project feels that it is over for me, I am interested in my own Resilient Livelihood.

December 2012 update: Finding money really tight. Working too little and need to have more regular commitments that pay to stay afloat. 

How do I work this out? 
What design methodologies would be helpful?