Design in Progress


I have been inspired by the transition currencies and new economics foundation, enough to have come up with a radical plan for my region. The implementation part of this would be huge but here's the idea:

An alternative currency keeps the money flowing in an area which makes sense for local businesses. To date it has been a fun system for well established transition towns but there is real permaculture thinking in tackling the economics of modern life. This design will focus on the benefits of a resilient system and include feedback from previous projects about the work needed to sustain such a currency, the region of coastal Suffolk ratherthan than a single town and Cash notes that excite as well as the use of digital payment systems such as mobile phones. Ideally this design could form the basis of a funding bid to explore this further. 

  • insert links to explainations of previous local currencies
  • insert a inital mindmap for the coastal currency

Brixton Pounds