Design in Progress


I was told that everyone has a book in them. I am gathering chapter ideas. Other permaculture diploma students have after an article about my herb spiral expressed interest in writing about Zone 00 and people care.  I am not quite sure how to permaculture design a book but I will try.


Herbaculture plant list.

Everyone needs a chagra
  • rainforrest term for small designated area for seedlings and intense interaction with nature. Also the spiritual class room for kids to learn about nature. ish.
Responsible DIY Heath care

Zone 00 and People Care

Community Supported Medicine CSM & Community Health Clubs

Design for GP gardens. Must haves to suit any space or deisgn for new builds.

Transition Herbalism
  • Growing and using herbs that grow here
  • integration with orthodox healthcare
  • CSM schemes
  • Prevention is cheaper.
  • will less oil lead to healthier people?
Ideas section
  • Think about Googel Earth when designing. Links to Herby & Olympics rings.
  • Do each chapter from experience. So wildcrafting needs to come from experience.
  • other projects: Incredible edible, Totnes Garden, Bromley by Bow GP surgery etc. Herbal barge.
  • wild culture videos. 1 minute herbs. visiting projects.