Design in Progress 


I have been lucky enough to work with younger minds on some really fun projects. As well as getting the best side of pupils with fun projects and group work I have now seen what teachers have to do 5 days a week and I have more respect for them.

I have been working in a worker's cooperative called First Question East Cooperative Limited and really enjoy this style of employment. We make our own decisions and our cooperative ethos allows very different people to work together well. The other main route to working in schools has been as a "creative practioner" with Creative Partnerships. Schools have a theme like 'learning science and maths outside' and I go in and plan a programme with the teachers and creative agents.  The third way I interact with schools is as an eco schoo assessor, and I am working with two schools via my community builder job (see 15 communties) that looks at greening up schools.

From no experience to a fair bit now I have learn new design tools, ways of evaluating and how to cope with / be flexible when it comes to schools. So my design here is to be proactive about school work, to deisgn what I want to do and in the future go forth and find schools to work with.

  • Insert base map of school work so far & ideas

December 2012 Update: I have applied to become a Primary school Teacher. I find out March 2013 if I was successful, I have applied for an apprentice type route called Graduate Training Route (GTR) to work 4 days in schools and have 1 day / week at college. 

Huge implications for my time. i.e. 5 daytimes taken up. Herbal medicine? gardening ideas? What homework is there? 

Money will be steady at a minimum of £15K and additional income possible. 

Linking Permaculture and Herbal Medicine to Education would be a great future direction.