Design in Progress 


I find myself having loads of non land based designs and I wanted a space to explore gardens and come up with designs that would form a land based design portfoio.  Partly to inspire people to pay me to do their garden and partly to find common threads in permaculture gardens that work in most gardens.

I love plants which is what got me into herbal medicine so I want to create a herbaculture plant list for permaculturalists to use. Giving the easy to grow, easy to make medicines from plants that could be chosen when hedging, flower gardening and tree planting. ( this may form a chapter in the herba book design). Having an interest in growing plants, the next thing is where to plant them. I have aspirations of being a garden designer (obviously permaculture inspired) which gets rekindled everytime I watch over enthusiastic gardeners on TV. I am also interested in plants that take my fancy (quantum flirting) and particular plant families but I do think about functionality sometimes.

I am seriously dreaming up visions of a plant nursery, what I would grow? what I would do with land if I had some?  I am a bit wary as I know if I design it, I bet it comes true a few years later. I know I can redesign/ tweak but more importantly is it what I really really want? With land comes responsibilty and a rootedness, I suppose it's like having children. When I think of grand gardens there is also the staus symbol, bousjois side of land ownership versus the grounding hands in the soil leveling charm of being part of nature.

  • insert base maps

What Id love to do? 

  1. Permaculture garden design and implementation as in the above garden
  2. grow herbs/ plants in a nursery 
  3. grow lots of veg

Which of these are reasonable? 

Which are taking place where I work already?

Garden endeavours possible if I stayed at Lodge Farm for another year.